Purchase & Sale - Navigating Connecticut License Plates Transfers

Welcome to our Purchase & Sale guide, your comprehensive resource for buying and selling Connecticut license plates. Whether you are buying a vehicle, selling one, or interested in CT custom plates, we have the information you need.

Buying Connecticut License Plates

When purchasing a new vehicle, getting the correct Connecticut license plate is an essential step. Our guides will walk you through this process, from obtaining a Connecticut temporary license plate or temp plates in CT, to receiving your permanent registration.

Selling and Transferring Plates

If you're selling your vehicle, it's crucial to understand the laws surrounding Connecticut license plate transfers. We provide in-depth guides on transferring standard and CT vanity plates to a new vehicle or owner.

Personalized and Vanity Plates

Thinking about purchasing a CT DMV vanity plate or a personalized plate? We explain the process of ordering and purchasing these plates, as well as the rules and regulations you need to know.

Collector’s Corner

For license plate collectors, we feature a section dedicated to unique, vintage, and collectible Connecticut license plates. Learn about their history, value, and how to legally purchase or sell these collector's items.

License Plate Lookup

Before purchasing a used vehicle, it’s recommended to perform a Connecticut license plate lookup to ensure that the registration is valid and there are no hidden issues. Our license plate lookup in Connecticut tool can help you with this task.
From buying your first vehicle to managing the sale of a used one, our Purchase & Sale guide is here to help Connecticut drivers navigate these processes with confidence. Stay informed and make your purchase or sale experience smooth and hassle-free.