Types of Plates - Discover Your Connecticut License Plate Options

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the various types of Connecticut license plates. Our goal is to help you explore and understand the wide array of options that the Connecticut DMV offers, whether you're looking for a standard issue plate or something more unique.

Standard Plates

For most Connecticut drivers, the standard license plate is the default option. We offer a complete guide on how to obtain these plates when registering your vehicle, and how to maintain their validity over the years.

Personalized (Vanity) Plates

Personalized or CT vanity plates allow you to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Learn how to apply for a vanity plate, understand the DMV's guidelines for what is permissible on a CT custom plate, and discover how to transfer a personalized plate if you sell your vehicle.

Specialty Plates

Connecticut offers a number of specialty plates, each signifying association with specific groups, causes, or organizations. From conservation plates to military plates, our guides will help you understand the options available and the process to obtain each type of plate.

Temporary Plates

Navigating the rules around Connecticut temporary license plates, or temp plates in CT, can be confusing. Our resources break down when and why you might need a temporary plate, and how to apply for one.

Front License Plates

One of the common questions we encounter is about Connecticut front license plates - do you need a front license plate in Connecticut? We answer this and provide information about the correct display of license plates according to Connecticut laws.
Whether you're registering a vehicle for the first time or considering a switch to a vanity or specialty plate, our guide on Types of Plates offers valuable information for every Connecticut driver. Stay informed and make the right choice for your vehicle.