Registration & Renewal - Managing Your Connecticut License Plates

Welcome to our dedicated page for Connecticut license plate Registration and Renewal. Whether you are a first-time vehicle owner or a long-time Connecticut driver, our expertly curated guides aim to simplify the process of registering and renewing your vehicle.

New Vehicle Registration in Connecticut

Purchased a new vehicle and need a CT license plate? We provide a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide on registering your new vehicle in Connecticut. From getting a Connecticut temporary registration to receiving your permanent license plate, we walk you through each step of the process.

Renewing Your Connecticut License Plates

Regular renewal of your CT license plates is crucial to stay in compliance with Connecticut laws. Whether it's time to renew your CT registration or you're seeking to prepare for the process in advance, our renewal guide provides all the details you need. We cover everything from timelines, costs, to troubleshooting common renewal issues.

Temporary License Plates

Temporary license plates, or temp plates in CT, are an important aspect of vehicle registration, especially for those waiting to receive their permanent plates or who are in the process of selling their vehicle. Our resources will guide you through obtaining and using temporary plates in compliance with Connecticut laws.

Transferring Plates

Whether you've sold your old vehicle or purchased a new one, knowing how to transfer your license plates in Connecticut is crucial. Learn about the CT DMV's guidelines on transferring standard and CT vanity plates, ensuring a seamless transition for you and your vehicle.
Bookmark this page for quick access to our registration and renewal resources. Stay informed and stay legal on the Connecticut roads.